Psychotherapy in English

Living in a country with a completely different language than your mother tongue and with a completely different culture than the one you know may not be something easy. One may feel lost or may face different issues. Zielone Przedmieście loves to give a chance to meet and speak to somebody about everything you face and about all your difficulties or problems.

Individual therapy in Zielona Przedmieście takes place in the cognitive-behavioral trend.

Cognitive behavioral therapy:

– is goal-oriented

– is focused on the problem

– is limited in time

– teaches you how to recognize and react to the relationship between your emotions, thoughts and behavior

– the patient is an active participant and co-author of the treatment

– the patient learns how to be „his own therapist”

– its effectiveness is confirmed by numerous scientific studies


During individual therapy, we can work on:

– difficulties in coping with experienced emotions

– mood changes

– outbursts of anger

– experienced anxiety

– difficulties in an ongoing relationship

– memories and experiences from the past that disturb you and hinder normal functioning

– problems related to family life, where various difficulties, problems and dysfunctions have occurred or are still present

– addiction to psychoactive substances or behavior

– experienced difficulties resulting from being in a relationship with somebody who is addicted or overuses abusing psychoactive substances

– features of the syndrome of an adult alcoholic child or an adult child from a dysfunctional family

– too low self-esteem

– somatic symptoms which may be based on experienced emotions